Take the Leap and Move to the Cloud

Are you new to the cloud? Not exactly sure what it means? No need to be embarrassed; we’ve all been there. Simply put, all the cloud means is that your communications software and services are operated via the Internet instead of through your computer, your company’s servers or the “phone company.”

Cloud computing developed as a way to store, access and share volumes of data. When applied to communications, working via the cloud means that various communications methods, including voice, email, video, conferencing, fax and chat, are accessed like shared data — simply and reliably through the Internet.

When you switch to cloud communications, your new service provider — Time Technology, of course! — provides the software and hosts these services through our equipment and servers, not yours. You select and pay for your service through us, reducing overhead and eliminating your need to purchase, maintain and update equipment such as servers or old telephone systems.

Digital PBX Phone Systems for Business

Concerned about losing your phone service? Don’t be! Your old private branch exchange (PBX) system is obsolete! Traditional landline systems with their copper wiring connections to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) are rapidly being replaced by cloud-based or PBX digital telephone systems.

A cloud-based digital PBX system refers to telephone service accessed through the Internet. While most of our customers switch to all computer desktop and cell phone communications, some prefer to have physical phones. Rest assured that we offer Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) desk phones built with advanced technology to meet your needs well into the future.

Time-Tested Benefits of Cloud Communications

Provides Exceptional Voice Quality

High Definition Voice, the VoIP standard, provides twice the range of landline phone service for a crisper, clearer sound.

Improves Internal and External Communications

Never miss a call, answer on any device, record conversations easily and integrate with Customer Relationship Management databases.

Provides Significant Cost Savings

No equipment to buy, install or maintain, reduced toll charges, automatic updates from the provider and lower IT costs.

Supports a Remote and Mobile Workforce

Employees are able to work from anywhere using mobile devices (laptops, tablets and cell phones).

Offers Redundancy

If a natural disaster or power outage occurs, employees continue working, “meeting” and answering calls from any location.

Increases Productivity

Cloud communications make collaboration and teamwork between employees in different locations much simpler.

Ensures Flexibility and Rapid Scalability

Adding new users and changing settings is completed quickly and easily; no in-house IT department needed.

Updates Automatically

Software and security enhancements are undertaken by the service provider and automatically provided to customers.