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About the MaX UC CommPortal

CommPortal’s custom controls provide maximum flexibility and freedom by allowing the system to work the way you want, when you want. This subscriber interface delivers network-based services and configuration capabilities via web, business phone and mobile devices.

CommPortal permits subscribers to access and manage their individual telephone services, enabling customization of call features, access to contacts and missed calls, call routing and more. CommPortal frees you from maintenance agreements and the need to hire IT professionals to modify the system.

Manage Features via CommPortal

  • Messages and calls (missed, dialed, received, rejected, deleted)
  • Contacts (add details, add contacts, create groups)
  • Call manager (availability status, manage incoming calls)
  • Apps (access CommPortal on your desktop, tablet, cellphone)
  • Changing settings (call settings, message settings, notifications, reminders)

CommPortal Admin

This graphical user interface (GUI) allows a manager or owner to make uniform changes to a range of features on a global or administrative level. Administrators use this portal to set user controls, override individual user settings, view call analytics and other reports, and remove former employees.

CommPortal User

This GUI offers access to individual users so they can change their user features and settings by themselves. Users set passwords, create personal ringtones, specify how to forward calls when they are unavailable and much more. Settings may be nullified by the user’s administrator.

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