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Hosted cloud communications systems offer numerous benefits when compared with traditional telephone service. Your host, or third-party service provider, handles all the software, features, storage and switching — so you don’t have to. Instead, you pay your host a subscription fee for the system — a fee that is typically much lower than that of a traditional phone system.

Traditional System

  • Only a few phone-based features are offered.
  • Desktop phones are not portable.
  • Adding new users means time and money.
  • Fees incurred for installation, maintenance, toll calls.
  • Additional costs and labor required to upgrade system.
  • PBX cabinets take up valuable space.
  • Installation takes time, requires professionals.
  • Equipment can go down in emergencies.
  • IT department maintains phone system.

Cloud-Based System

  • Multiple communications features are provided.
  • Both off-site and remote workers are accommodated.
  • Scaling without additional costs is easy.
  • No installation, maintenance or toll call fees are incurred.
  • Updates are delivered to the system remotely.
  • No equipment and no physical space are required.
  • Startup is quick and easy, no IT help is  needed.
  • Cellphone use provides redundancy.
  • IT department can focus on other issues.

It’s All in a Day’s Work

Time Technology’s cloud-based communications system provides everything your employees need to get their work done — together and more productively. With anywhere, anytime, any device functionality, everyone at your business is able to:

Manage phone calls with robust incoming call control, seamless call transfer, a single message interface, visual voicemail, integrated CRM, centralized contacts and business text messaging.

Collaborate easily through group chat, instant messaging, online fax, and access to web and video meetings as well as conferences. 

Balance work and personal life with the ability to work anywhere anytime on any Internet-enabled device, identify callers, record calls and pause notifications on various devices.

Keep informed with features that let owners or managers administer the system, control settings, and view and analyze reports via portal. 

… and do it all easily and intuitively through a single app!

It’s time to switch to the latest technology!

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