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Business VoIP Phone Services

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone service allows phone calls to be made and received over the Internet, instead of through traditional phone lines. The main benefit is that VoIP telephone systems provide increased flexibility and mobility vs. traditional technology. VoIP is accessed through users’ desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones — from virtually anywhere with an Internet connection.

Connect with Time Technology

In addition to making and receiving calls, VoIP business phone systems from Time Technology provide a range of call management features. More than phone service, our high-definition (HD) VoIP phone solution gives your organization a complete cloud communications platform that improves communications and, ultimately, productivity.

Hosted PBX vs. On-Premises Phone

Time Technology offers a variety of phones for those who prefer to maintain physical phones. Choose from full-featured Internet Protocol (IP)-enabled desktop phones, wireless handsets and conferencing systems. If desired, pair your “hard” phone with our united communications (UC) “soft” phone service for desktop and/or mobile devices. 

Compared with traditional phone service, Hosted PBX allows you to:

Focus on Your Business. We take care of the details — phones, installation, training and service — so you concentrate on growing your business.

Right-Size Your Costs. Buy only what you need on a flat rate per phone, per month. Add or remove services as your business needs change.

Enjoy Enterprise-Class Features. Powerful features include direct inward dialing, customer relationship management (CRM) integration, Unified Communications (UC), team and video collaboration, emergency call notification and more.

Never Miss a Call. In the event of a power outage or natural disaster, you can automatically reroute calls to another location or phone number.

Control Calls. Time Technology’s web-based CommPortal gives users and administrators the power to manage call routing and other preferences.

Enable Remote Employees. Supporting a distributed workforce is easy. Put a phone anywhere with an Internet connection and it integrates seamlessly with our cloud-based platform.

Mobilize Your Business. With our mobility package, your employees use our Hosted BPX features from any mobile device, including their smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Unify Communications. Integrate voice, video, presence, instant messaging and email into a single platform with MaX UC for desktop or mobile devices.

Your Browser Is the New (Soft) Phone

The typical workplace today is moving toward phone service via the Internet. With the MaX UC app, Time Technology’s “soft” phone solution:

  • Is easy to use
  • Saves money
  • Provides great voice quality
  • Requires no IT personnel for setup
  • Ensures that you never miss a call
  • Scales easily as your business grows
  • Keeps you connected from virtually anywhere
  • Provides VoIP technology via (optional) “hard” phones

Our Hosted PBX standard features are:

  • Direct inward dialing
  • Voicemail and unified messaging
  • Find-me, follow-me
  • Simultaneous ring
  • Multi-line hunt groups
  • Call paging and intercom
  • Automated attendant
  • Time-of-day routing
  • Caller ID name and number
  • Unavailable call forwarding
  • Disaster routing
  • Emergency call notification
  • … more than 60 features!

Optional features include:

  • Automatic call distributor (ACD) and contact center
  • Team, web and video collaboration
  • Call recording
  • Hosted fax
  • … and more!

It’s time to switch to the latest technology!

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