More to Video Than Meets the Eye

Video Conferencing Equipment Not Required

While not a video conferencing company per se, Time Technology offers our clients the ability to make video calls on any Internet-enabled device with a front-facing camera. The MaX UC app’s video conferencing platform allows coworkers to “meet” remotely, from anywhere and at any time, facilitating collaboration and improving productivity. 

With integrated video conferencing services, users enjoy carrier-grade high-definition (HD) voice and video — with no downloads and no equipment! Simply click on the MaX UC video icon, and you’re in business!

How Our Video Conferencing System Works

When talking with someone who has the MaX UC app installed on his or her device or phone, and the device has a front-facing camera, the user can add video to the call at any time. After one of the users clicks on the video icon, the other party receives a prompt inviting him or her to turn on the video, too. To turn off the video feed, one party taps on the video icon. It’s that easy!

It’s time to switch to the latest technology!

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