School Bells Are Ringing — It’s Time for a Change

VoIP Telephone Systems for Schools

Schools are responsible for the safety of their students, teachers and other faculty members. Is your school phone system up to the task? Schools need a reliable phone system that facilitates communication among teachers and parents, students and staff. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for schools improves productivity by providing mobile communication options as well as features that make learning easier and more fun for teachers and students.

Benefits of a School VoIP System

Safety and security are improved through the integration of a VoIP-enabled emergency notification system that allows administrators to alert authorities quickly to threats and dangerous events. Through instant message and group paging features, a single voice or email message alerts all students and staff of an emergency, even when the power is out. If your VoIP system has an enhanced 911 service, administrators are quickly connected to emergency services.

Collaboration is enhanced via a range of features. Students enjoy video museum tours, working with children from other schools and conversing remotely with professionals — all without leaving campus. Call recording allows students to listen to lectures while studying for exams. Parents and teachers can send and listen to voicemails and check emails at any time, from anywhere, not just during school hours. Teacher training can be conducted via a virtual classroom and Internet-connected devices, which is especially useful during summer and vacation times. 

Costs are controlled because IT support, system equipment and maintenance are no longer required. VoIP phone systems for schools are run in the cloud and managed and maintained by the service provider such as Time Technology. Calling costs are lower compared with traditional copper-wire technology. The auto attendant feature means fewer staff members (e.g., receptionists and administrative assistants) are required to answer phones and direct callers to the appropriate person or department. All told, VoIP offers significant capital and operational cost savings for school systems.

It’s time to switch to the latest technology!

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