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It’s Time to Update Your Industrial Phone System

Have you thought about switching your telephone system to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service? A hosted industrial VoIP phone solution is very affordable and is the best way to go today. Finding replacement parts for old telephone systems is increasingly difficult and on-premise service is more costly than ever before. Traditional industrial PBX (private branch exchange) systems simply do not offer the features that are becoming more common and almost indispensable in today’s workplace.

Industrial cloud solutions provide great service at an affordable monthly price and offer many features you may not have even considered. You may purchase physical phones or not; cloud-based Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) works on desktop computers and smartphones or in conjunction with phones specially designed to work with Hosted PBX services.

Benefits of Industrial VoIP Phone Systems

Lowers capital and labor costs. Cloud-based communications systems do not require the purchase or storage of expensive equipment, an IT staff for installation and service, or a receptionist dedicated to answering and routing telephone calls. The provider, such as Time Technology, sets up, activates, manages, operates, maintains and updates the system in the cloud for you — while you enjoy features made possible by advanced technologies. 

Reduces operating costs. Many manufacturing companies operate out of several buildings, and offices, plants and warehouses may be scattered across various locations. A hosted VoIP solution ensures that all facilities in every location operate under a single phone system — one in which local and long-distance calling are provided for the same cost. UCaaS phone systems do not charge extra for toll calls.

Customizes easily. You sign up and pay for only the VoIP services you want. Which features are best for your operations? Options include call routing, voicemail to email and file sharing. Time Technology offers apps that provide access to desktop and mobile phone services as well as internal chat, meeting and conferencing, and online faxing features.

Meets your needs. With industrial VoIP, you decide which employees need phone access, and your cost is based on the number of users. Is your business growing? Simply let us know you need to add more users to your plan, and your service is quickly expanded; no need to wait for and install new phones. Our service is easy to use — no technology to learn or machinery to install — but we offer training to those who want or need support. 

Improves customer service. VoIP makes connecting with customers easier and more convenient. Customers are automatically directed to the right person in the right department, regardless of its physical location. By creating ring groups, calls are distributed efficiently among a group of employees until an incoming call is answered. With desktop and mobile apps, calls can be transferred to smartphones and picked up from anywhere at any time.

It’s time to switch to the latest technology!

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