Building a Case for Hosted VoIP for Law Firms

Update Your Law Firm Phone System

What are you paying for your traditional law office phone system? You pay a monthly fee for each line plus long-distance charges. Moving your on-premise phone service to a hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) system has the potential to save your firm a lot of a money — no long-distance charges, no required equipment or space to store it, no maintenance, and no need to dedicate IT personnel to servicing and updating your phone system.

VoIP voice service operates in the cloud, and the maintenance is on us! Upgrades are automatically made to your system, keeping you on the cutting-edge of technology with no effort on your part. You may opt to purchase “hard phones” for the office or run your voice services via apps that connect to Internet-enabled desktops, laptops and smartphones. Law firm cloud solutions provided by Time Technology offer many advantages.  

Benefits of Law Firm Cloud Services

Lower costs. With legal cloud services, your firm is charged less for calling and nothing additional for toll charges. You no longer have to purchase or maintain expensive equipment; the only equipment you need is the phone on your desk, and you may decide to eliminate even that! You won’t have to hire a dedicated IT person to service your phone system. And a receptionist who answers the phone to route calls is a thing of the past with our auto attendant feature. 

Stay in touch at all times. Opt to download our desktop and mobile apps to communicate with your staff and clients via desktop, tablet or cellphone — with or without a physical phone. Answer calls on your cellphone after working hours or transfer a call to your cellphone as you walk out the courtroom door. With the app, your law office is everywhere you are!   

Improve productivity with a range of features. Depending on the service plan you choose, your law firm cloud solutions may include access to status indicators, voicemail to email, texting, auto attendants, ring groups, call recording, chat, meetings and video conferencing, online faxing, client relationship management (CRM) integration and so much more.

Call recording is an ideal feature in the legal profession, as call records provide a reliable and easily accessed account to back up hourly billing as well as to document exactly what was discussed in any call. Auto attendant allows you to route all incoming calls according to attorneys’ schedules. The voicemail-to-email feature attaches voice messages to emails, so lawyers can listen to them at any time and from anywhere they have email access.

System integration saves time. Time Technology’s hosted solution allows you to integrate your VoIP phone service with popular third-party CRM systems and your browser. Simply right-click a phone number in your contact list or on a website and it is auto-dialed for you — no more checking between the phone and screen while you manually dial a number. 

It’s time to switch to the latest technology!

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