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Companies without cloud-based logistics phone systems are at risk of falling behind their competitors. As online shopping grows, businesses must operate as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system ensures that your company operates via an advanced state-of-the-art communications system — one that enhances your business while lowering your costs.

A VoIP system does not require costly hardware or a room in which to store it. Specialized software and advanced technological knowledge are not required. A dedicated IT person is not needed to maintain the system. When you make the move to a cloud-based communications system, you work with a provider, such as Time Technology, and the provider is responsible for setting up, maintaining and upgrading your phone system. All you do is pay a monthly service fee and reap the benefits!

Benefits of a VoIP Logistics Phone System

Industrial cloud solutions offer great service at an affordable monthly price, and many features you may not have realized you need until now. You may purchase physical phones or not; cloud-based Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) works in conjunction with phones specially designed to connect with Hosted PBX services or entirely on desktop computers and smartphones via our desktop and mobile apps.  

Benefits of Industrial VoIP Phone Systems

Productivity is improved through better interdepartmental communications. Seamless communication among warehousing, purchasing, distribution, transportation and other departments is enhanced by Internet-based, always-on service and users’ ability to respond via phone, desktop or mobile device. 

Warehousing efficiency is increased. The value of the warehousing and distribution functions to the efficiency of logistics operations cannot be overstated. A VoIP warehouse phone system allows staff to stay connected via a smartphone or any other Internet-enabled device. Without incurring additional call charges, supervisors can use the warehouse phone system to reach staff at any time, no matter where they are. 

Updated delivery tracking is made possible through the VoIP system’s advanced messaging services. Customers are continually informed of estimated delivery times while the driver is traveling, increasing customer satisfaction. Supervisors utilize the delivery tracking system to monitor the performance of drivers, assessing their punctuality and efficiency.  

Distribution costs are reduced. A supervisor can easily get in touch with a driver to inform him or her of problems along the route before the driver reaches that point in the journey. The driver then detours to prevent an avoidable delay in the trip. And because VoIP calls are transmitted via a data network, calls made to drivers cost significantly less than they would if made via the Global System Network for Mobile (GSM) communications.

Call management is optimized. VoIP permits recording of all incoming and outgoing calls, allowing managers to ensure that customers’ instructions are followed. Recorded calls are easily integrated into your customer relationship management (CRM) system and the recordings are available for reference during subsequent customer interactions, including dispute investigations.

Customer service is improved through call handling features. Call routing and interactive voice response (IVR) services guarantee that incoming calls get to the right personnel. Additional helpful features include caller identification and access to the CRM, both of which provide your employees with the detailed information they need to respond adequately, efficiently and quickly to customers’ inquiries. 

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