Retail VoIP Benefits Lie in Store for You

It’s Time for a VoIP Retail Phone System

If you use a traditional, on-premise phone system, you may be spending money that could be used to purchase more products and grow your business. Compare your old system to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for retail: A cloud-based telephone system fully maintained by a retail VoIP provider like Time Technology allows you to manage your communication system easily, efficiently and cost-effectively, while enhancing customer service.

Benefits of a Retail VoIP System

Customer satisfaction increases. You will never miss a call again. Services operate 24/7/365. Calls may be answered on a “hard” phone or through email, text and instant message, and can easily be transferred to another device mid-call. If a customer needs to show you something, you can switch the call to video. While on a call, an associate can check a database to see if a product is in stock without having to call back the customer. Calls may be forwarded or routed to various numbers until someone answers, so your customer isn’t left hanging — or hanging up. 

Scalability accommodates changes. Are you adding or closing stores? Is your e-commerce footprint growing? VoIP systems are especially relevant for retail. Equipment is stored in large, secure data centers and service is managed in the cloud by your retail VoIP provider, such as Time Technology, meaning that your phone system seamlessly scales upward or downward as your company expands or right-sizes. Adding employees no longer requires long waits for equipment and installation. Additional functionality can be added at any time. Users are added or deleted in minutes. User types are quickly updated as employees are promoted or transferred to other stores.

Costs are reduced. Traditional systems come with high installation and maintenance costs, the need for expensive on-site hardware and a place to store it, and a requirement for ongoing IT service support. Capital expenses decrease as you no longer need to purchase hardware or upgrade software. You may choose to keep physical phones, but you need nothing else. Likewise, operating costs go down; Time Technology, as the service provider, manages the system, including any upgrades, so your IT team focuses on other tasks. Toll charges are eliminated and you pay a predictable amount each month for your service.

It’s time to switch to the latest technology!

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