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Business Cloud-Based Integration Services

Unified Communications (UC) integration is the basis of Time Technology’s services. UC refers to the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) integration of business communication methods with mobility features. A single cloud integration services provider — like Time Technology — offers companies access to a single application or service that provides all the tools they need to communicate in multiple ways, including phone, video calls and conferences, instant messages, emails, texts, faxes and more.

Because the system is operated via the cloud, information can be exchanged between any Internet-enabled media. Messages or calls sent from a cellphone can be accessed on a user’s desktop or through email, for example. Increasing ways to communicate improves collaboration, speeds decision making, and supports today’s mobile (and often global) workforce. Our business cloud integration service makes all this possible via a single, easy-to-use service or convenient app.

Benefits of Cloud Integration Solutions

Unified Communications and our cloud technology services bring all your communication tools into a single secure workspace, allowing you to:

  • Connect remote team members
  • Increase access to shared information
  • Improve collaboration and productivity
  • Manage projects from a single place
  • Link to CRM) software, improving customer experience
  • Allow customers to choose how to communicate
  • Simplify communication management and billing
  • Scale service as your business grows
  • Receive software upgrades automatically
  • Save money on expensive toll calls
  • Enjoy improved service reliability
  • Eliminate the need to purchase hardware
  • Direct IT staff to focus on other priorities

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