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That people have different learning styles is a time-tested fact. Many of our clients are able to learn how to use the MaX UC app quickly and on their own, while others need a little professional support. While quick-start, self-help guides are available, we understand that some people require a demonstration, diagrams or detailed instructions to thoroughly understand something that is new. 

The last thing we want is for our client to spend too much time or become frustrated because he or she cannot figure out a problem that we can solve in minutes.

Time Technology, in our role as your outsourced IT team, is happy to talk you through the use of our app or send you the link to an on-site demo. We believe that even self-starters may benefit from a demo; if nothing else, users will learn more about the features and settings they may not discover on their own.

Please do not hesitate to ask for as much support as you need. We’re here for you!

It’s time to switch to the latest technology!

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